Cybernetic Insurance: Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is a solution for companies that includes Own Damage insurance and that of Civil Liability against third parties in the field of cybersecurity, as well as a 24 hours a day / 7 days a week access to professionals with expertise in legal matters and digital forensics.
Before considering any insurance, we should assess our exposure: If you wish to evaluate your own risk exposure for free, click here… REPORT ON CYBER RISK IN 5 MINUTES.

With CG CIBER SEGUROS, you will obtain the most complete insurance on the market, with special coverage such as identity theft, differences in online prices arising from hacking, attacks through an external IT supplier…


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We can also advise you on your cyber-risk insurance and establish a cyber-security baseline.

Seguro de Crédito y Factoring

We come up with custom-made solutions to ensure the collection of sales on credit that your company sells to national and foreign clients, covering:

  • one-time sale (invoice), 
  • sales to one client only, 
  • every sale on credit,
  • customer sales which the policyholder wants to cover, 
  • up to 95% of coverage, 
  • with non-cancellable classifications in the insurance annuity, 
  • unlimited annual compensation, 
  • double insurance coverage with second layers, 
  • Stop-Loss Excess Insurance, 
  • long-term operations (5 years), 
  • manufacturing risk guarantee, 
  • advance payment to the suppliers/providers guarantee… 

We consider different alternatives and advice you on that one which best suits your needs.

We provide solutions related to the financing of current assets through factoring without appeal, as well as the issue of certificate of insurance as guarantee of collection to collect the advance of the insured invoice.

We also put a service of analysis of trade credit with surveillance at your disposal – from an Insurer’s point of view but without risk coverage, monitoring and risk control surveillance.

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International Programmes

We have a clear international vocation and accompany our clients in their growth. It is for this reason that we have a wide range of operators’ networks in Europa and South America.
It is imperative  to know the applicable law in each country, as well as what coverages are deemed to be compulsory and what ‘local’ policies are accurate in each case. All of this makes it vital to rely upon a broker with international vocation, capable of giving solutions in respect of:

  • Political Risks
  • Surety insurance for internacional tenders
  • Export Credit Insurance
  • Transport Insurance for manufacturers and/or distributors
  • International Service of Invoice Recovery
  • Health for Expatriates and/or Displaced people
  • Travel Assistance
  • Kidnap Insurance / Risk Management
  • Public liability adapted to local legislation

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Seguro de Caución

It is an insurance product which substitutes and/or complements the financial guarantee, giving added value of great importance: IT DOES NOT INVOLVE ANY FINANCIAL RISK FOR YOUR COMPANY and therefore, it improves your balance, increases liquid assets and frees your credit lines.
We also conduct surety insurance-related operations for those clients who operate outside Spain, mainly in South America, through  fronting with our reinsurance brokerage.

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General and Professional Civil Liability Insurance

In earnest, Do you know  the liabilities that may arise from the exercise of your business activity? Did you know that with the new property damage scale, a workplace accident may mean an up to one million euros compensation per victim?
  • Operating liability
  • Tenants’ civil liability
  • Employers’ liability
  • Cross liability
  • Civil product liability
  • Product withdrawal Expenses
  • Bonding or mixing
  • Post-work civil liability
  • Assembly and disassembly costs
  • Civil liability for accidental pollution
  • Primary damages to property
  • Professional civil liability of technical staff
  • Subsidiary civil liability of subcontractors
  • Pure economic Loss
  • Legal defence and bail

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Liability of Managers and Executives

With the current regulations getting more and more complex by the minute, claims against personal assets of advisers and executives are multiplying, which means highly costly legal proceedings and economic compensations.

Executives must make decisions on a daily basis, and they are not exactly easy. They are legally liable to the company, shareholders, social creditors, the staff and any other person who they may harm and they may be jointly liable with their own personal assets.

CG offers the most complete insurance coverage on the market to  protect managers and executives, with coverages such as:

  • Possibility of legal person being insured, too (not only for labor practices). 
  • Amount of bails and defence expenses resulting from Penal Liability of Legal entities.
  • Four-year training period.
  • Bankruptcy and Tax-Subsidiary Liability of Managers and Executives. 
  • Real and unlimited retroactivity, with no exceptions…

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Seguro de Responsabilidad Medioambiental

We all have deep respect for the Earth, not because we are supposed to by law, but because we wish to leave a better world for our children. However, sometimes incidents happen and they may harm the environment, so it is our responsibility to return natural resources to their original state.
We all have deep respect for the Earth, not because we are supposed to by law, but because we wish to leave a better world for our children. However, sometimes incidents happen and they may harm the environment, so it is our responsibility to return natural resources to their original state.

We offer the best financial guarantee insurance adapted to the Environmental Liability Law:

Basic Coverage

· Environmental liability in accordance to Law 26/2007.
· Prevention and avoidance Costs (sublimited to 30%).
· Cleaning costs and repair costs – Primary, complementary and compensatory, both inside and outside insured risk situations.
· Civil Liability resulting from pollution – inside insured risk situation.
· Civil Liability resulting from pollution – outside insured risk situation.
· Defence and Bail.

Optional Coverage

· Pollution resulting from freight transport (either own vehicles or those of third parties).
· Business interruption insurance.

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Seguro de Mercancías

Experience gained in transport, capacity of interlocution in the leading insurance companies, along with the proven innovation in this field of insurance, are the hallmark of the group to which we belong, “IBERSEGUROS GROUP”.
From the point of view of the MANUFACTURER

Are you certain that your product arrives at your client’s door in perfect condition? Has your carrier got Goods in transit insurance? What is the cost that carriers pass on to you due to cargo insurance?

CG puts a wide coverage which will allow you to have the best protection for goods in transit. Such coverage varies depending on the economic and juridical situation of the different parties that participate in the process.

Damage Insurance for goods is completed with “IACC” Coverage, among others:

  • Return to origin coverage (covering the expenses) and Expenses arising from urgent replacement
  • Debris Removal
  • Freight and rejection of goods
  • Contingency
  • Hidden Damage
  • Derogation of exclusions arising from poor stowage/improper stowage
  • Compensation advance clause
  • Stock & Transit


From the point of view of the CARRIER

Apart from covering the Liability derived from your own activity–risks which are established by agreements CMR or LCTTM –, you may also need new coverage for potential losses or faults in the cargo which you transport for others:

  • “IACC” Clauses
  • First Loss Insurance
  • Expenses Arising from Debris Removal
  • Damage caused by stowaways
  • Errors and omissions clause
  • Penalty Clause
  • Special clause for refrigerated goods

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Property Damage Insurance

Did you know that… an ALL-RISKS PROPERTY DAMAGE INSURANCE is not the same as an insurance on a NAMED PERILS basis?… insuring goods on a DECLARED VALUE basis is not the same as on an AGREED VALUE basis?… compensation criteria at replacement value is not the same as compensation criteria at as-new value?
If you want to know more, do contact our insurance brokerage. We design insurance products for property damage insurance to suit the essential coverage:  

  • All-risk property damage, 
  • Theft, 
  • Electronic devices, 
  • Electrical damage, 
  • Brokendown machinery, 
  • Refrigerated goods, 
  • Employees’ infidelity, 
  • Loss of benefit,

and count on the support of asset assessment companies of CIBERSEGUROS Group to correctly assess the insured goods.

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