Report on assessment of your insurance coverage

This service of advice and aid in the matters of insurance aims to identify and analyse whether the coverages purchased are appropiate and sufficient. You will be provided with an efficient tool which will allow you to adapt your insurance contract to recommendations, otherwise you may request the design and introduction of a specific insurance programme that suits your enterprise’s needs.

We analyse the contracted guarantees and drafting of general conditions of all your insurance policies, detect weaknesses, suggest new coverage, insured sums, assess subsidiaries and analyse the cost of your program with the purpose of getting the most competitive premium on the market. 

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Report on assessment and risk management

To ensure the viability of your business, it is necessary that you know and keep  los riesgos de su empresa.

Con nuestro programa de Gestión de Riesgos conocerá como identificar y cuantificar ordenadamente  your company risks (Internal: inside the organization) and External: outside the company’s control) which have impact on the success of the company activities (intensity) and the highest probability of occurrence (frequency). This way, you will  be able to take sensible decisions to keep risks under control as well as reduce them, managing risks through either internal control or by transferring the risks to insurance brokerage companies or financial agents).

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Report on assessment and risk management

Report on Compliance Risk: Legal penalties

Compliance risk control involves control and prevention measures in your business activity to avoid mistakes for unfulfillment in the civil and criminal field. This gives you the certainty that your business activity is exempt from penal risk (Penal Liability of Legal entities).

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Report on Financial Risk

The report on financial risk for small and medium-sized enterprises aims to pinpoint those operations which need to be financed and realise that bad management or unfulfillment for different reasons can lead to financial risk such as the following: (Credit to clients risk. Stock risk, Interest rate risk). 

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Report on Environmental Liability Risk

Environmental Risk Control implies knowledge of the effect of the company’s productive activity on the environment, and vice versa: the impact of the environment on said business activity. Our risk management  and environmental liability system provides you with a complete report that identifies the risks that might happen in different facilities and business activities in order to foresee, protect and reduce them.

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Report on Risk of managers and executives

Report on Risk control for managers and executives assesses the hypothetical loss that the enterprise must face arising from attributable liability of the company and managers. Its ultimate purpose is to establish criteria, to buy insurance policy with enough capital and sufficient guarantees.

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Report on Cyber Risk

Cyberspace-related  risks go beyond economic loss -such as property damage and personal injury – and they affect organisations and enterprises as well as users. If you wish to assess your risk management for free, click here… REPORT ON CYBER RISK FOR FREE IN 5 MINUTES

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